Frequently asked Questions

Both the merchant agents and cashiers have their separate app from the customer which is linked to a certain company/institution

The customer’s spend much of their quality time keying in details of shortcodes and the amount they need to pay for a transaction. The quepay app only needs the customer to scan the qr code on the cashiers phone and the rest is done digitally

The system requires the company representative to have the correct details of the company and its various branches including the name, phone and address

The shortcode is the till number/ paybill number that the organization works under.

The consumer keys and consumer secret are unique identifiers to a certain paybill or till number offered by Safaricom PLC for the purpose of mpesa integration with commercial systems.

The merchant once logged in can validate the credentials by filling them in and then clicking the validate button, the system verifies them and updates the merchant.

The system allows the merchant to add the various branches under the company belonging to them. The cahiers are then added and assigned to their specific branches. All the transactions will therefore be recorded under the relevant branch the cashier operates under

The Agent can be activated or deactivated from the system thus giving the merchant control over the user activities and rights.

The information the merchant inputs is only viewable by them and under no circumstance can this information be accessed or shared by any other third-party.